Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last couple weeks

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to Steve and Pauline...Sean is here and is a pretty handsome little dude, already has more hair then his paps, I suppose worst he could have done would have been a tie.
North Pole Trim ball team had a game last thursday...I managed to play the whole game, didn't even come close to getting kicked out, so thats a victory in itself, the only victory that night actually...we lost again, played better after coach threatened to punch us all in the face if we didn't start hitting better.
Thursday morning my Grandpa Gundry passed away, he was in his 93rd year, great life Grandpa...started to get sick a couple months ago (which he would hate, he loved to motor around constantly) He passed away in his sleep...peacefully, RIP JFG!!
Then came camping on friday and saturday, what a gong show friday night was...I guess friday night wasn't really the gong show, I was the gong show on friday night...all things were going great until 9:30pm came along, and I thought I would lay down for a quick second, then I swear everyone started spinning my tent around faster and faster, so because the tent was spinning so much I decided to get up and BLAHH!! Saturday morning I felt absolutely terrific, and looked good too I would guess. Saturday was a good day, played some extreme boche ball, which was very fun, Ducker and I teamed up to kill the rest of the teams, that is until we got too far ahead then strategically decided to let someone else have the thrill of victory...we didn't want to get banned from the game for being too stellar. Saturday night was a tammer night, I did not go BLAHH at all on saturday which was the well done to me. Thanks to Duane and Laura for planning a great camping trip, sorry we didn't stick around for sunday mass.
Monday, tuesday worked of course blah blah blah, same today Jaxon is starting potty training boot camp, so far he is winning and his diapers are loosing. He went on the potty 2 times this morning, then about an hour later took a big dump in he diaper and topped it off with a pee at the same time...he is a bit nervous about pooping on the potty, I think he fears that since he poops about the size of himself that I will accidently flush him down the toilet and make lunch for the poop.
Tonight Ducker, Duane and I are going to check out some Canadian National Fastball in St. Thomas which I can't wait for, then my own ball game tomorrow night (try to go 2nd game in a row without getting booted out) then friday, by far my favourite day of the year, Fantasy Football draft day!!!!
Then labour day monday the Gundry's are going to meet baby Sean!!