Thursday, January 7, 2010

happy new year everyone. 2009 was a crazy busy year what with all the blogging etc, hopefully 2010 is much more relaxing. New years was great at the Gundry house, a large boned friend of mine drunkenly stumbled onto our air mattress on the floor and fell on my wife nearly crushing her to death, and worse yet waking me up! This year so far Jaxon has been skating for the first time and toboggining. He was an allstar on skates for the 2 minutes out of the hour that he actually spent on the skates, but seriously he did great. Also Jaxon has finally started pissing near the toilet instead of in his pants...I say near the toilet because he likes to stand to pee, I think the little perve learned it from watching me pee, but anyways he hasn't mastared the art of aiming yet, and he thinks its quite funny when he pees on everything. Yesterday was a good friends 29th birthday, so happy birthday Keri Lyn DJ Smith hopefully your second 29th birthday next year will be just as good as this year. Also I just need to say Pauline Stewart, she will know why. Battery is dying gotta go. Good luck to everyone on their new years resolutions...suckers, I resolved to relax and take it easy in 2010, sorry Nicole.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last couple weeks

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to Steve and Pauline...Sean is here and is a pretty handsome little dude, already has more hair then his paps, I suppose worst he could have done would have been a tie.
North Pole Trim ball team had a game last thursday...I managed to play the whole game, didn't even come close to getting kicked out, so thats a victory in itself, the only victory that night actually...we lost again, played better after coach threatened to punch us all in the face if we didn't start hitting better.
Thursday morning my Grandpa Gundry passed away, he was in his 93rd year, great life Grandpa...started to get sick a couple months ago (which he would hate, he loved to motor around constantly) He passed away in his sleep...peacefully, RIP JFG!!
Then came camping on friday and saturday, what a gong show friday night was...I guess friday night wasn't really the gong show, I was the gong show on friday night...all things were going great until 9:30pm came along, and I thought I would lay down for a quick second, then I swear everyone started spinning my tent around faster and faster, so because the tent was spinning so much I decided to get up and BLAHH!! Saturday morning I felt absolutely terrific, and looked good too I would guess. Saturday was a good day, played some extreme boche ball, which was very fun, Ducker and I teamed up to kill the rest of the teams, that is until we got too far ahead then strategically decided to let someone else have the thrill of victory...we didn't want to get banned from the game for being too stellar. Saturday night was a tammer night, I did not go BLAHH at all on saturday which was the well done to me. Thanks to Duane and Laura for planning a great camping trip, sorry we didn't stick around for sunday mass.
Monday, tuesday worked of course blah blah blah, same today Jaxon is starting potty training boot camp, so far he is winning and his diapers are loosing. He went on the potty 2 times this morning, then about an hour later took a big dump in he diaper and topped it off with a pee at the same time...he is a bit nervous about pooping on the potty, I think he fears that since he poops about the size of himself that I will accidently flush him down the toilet and make lunch for the poop.
Tonight Ducker, Duane and I are going to check out some Canadian National Fastball in St. Thomas which I can't wait for, then my own ball game tomorrow night (try to go 2nd game in a row without getting booted out) then friday, by far my favourite day of the year, Fantasy Football draft day!!!!
Then labour day monday the Gundry's are going to meet baby Sean!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Role Model

Thank god Nicole and Jaxon did not come to my ball game tonight, reason number one, we were getting spanked pretty badly, and reason number two, also the reason that I say we 'were' getting spanked, I got booted from the game...gave my bat a little toss, then got into it a whee bit with the very large umpire...Rec Slo Pitch is a very intense game apparently. Thats correct I am 30 years old, not 20 years old, just forgot that for a minute. The worst part is that I had to miss out on my favourite part of ball nights, the beer after with the team. Nicole wants me to go to anger management now probably, she was dissapointed in me for being a wanker I think...of well if she get in my face I will be kicking dirt on her shoes too!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fat Jesus

Nicole and I watched the Hangover last night, it was hilarious, we laughed our butts off. Not big movie watchers, but we sure loved that one, probably going to name our next baby Carlos if its a boy. I give the movie 4.5 fat bearded funny guys out of 5. Jax and I have the next two days off together...very fun, I love having that time with the cranky little bugger.
Saturday night we had a great diner club meeting with good friends, good beer and some pretty questionable cooking. Jaxon spend the afternoon and evening at his Grandmas, and Papa Mac's, he had a blast, he helped cut the front lawn and the back lawn. Sunday the Gundry adults had a coed ball game, the State Farm team (formerly Columbia Sportswear, New Era Graphics, Mill Street Brewery) played very well and beat a team that wore green shirts, I have no idea what their names were, I can't remember. The team tourney is next weekend, should be a great time, for those who don't have to work all weekend, one person who does have to work all weekend is ME so good luck to the team!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sorry all I don't want to be an annoying blogger who posts 75 times a day, but just want to give a shout out to Pauline Stewart, a real one of a kind gal!!! 9 months my ass eh Pauline!!

I miss you already Calloway

Golfed a great round today shot a 86, so thats not any under par, but still my best ever score, thanks alot to Jaret for losing so gracefully. The first hole was a total dogs breakfast, I lost 3 Nike balls, then something amazing happend, I found a Callaway Warbird, what a wonderful friendship Cal and I had, I beat Cal all around the golf course. On the 13th hole Cal and I had a bit of a disagreement, Cal wanted to go swimming, but I did not want Cal to go swimming. Cal took a quick dip in the water, but I scooped him out and we were back on track. Approaching the 14th tee I could tell that Cal was upset, but he did a great job off the tee blocks landing about 280 yards and in the middle of the fairway. Thinking that we had put our differences behind us I quickly walked up to Cal and gave him a good whack, little did I know that this would be the last whack I ever gave Cal. Cal now takes up residence in the creek that runs along the 14th fairway...swimming at last...its all he ever really wanted. I pushed on and played okay, but it wasn't the same without Cal. Callaway Warbird, you will be missed. Now that I got through the emotional stuff here is what the Gundry clan is up to tonight...Nicole and I are heading out to diner club tonight (kind of a secret organization that only a select few are welcome least thats what I thought until the Gundry's got invited, I guess they let just anyone in) should be fun. Other than that I am drinking a couple bud lights, without lime if you can believe it (I refuse to get sucked into the lime hype that is summer 2009) although I will admit it is a damn good breakfast beer for those who like to pound away all day long (bud lite sponsorship still pending). Follow up on yesterdays blog, long story short, it wasn't really a buffalo at all that I saw (that was an impressive beard, even for a middle aged woman, and what a beautiful fur coat, but why in the middle of summer, and where did she get one so large) the balogna sandwich, well thats what I ate for lunch, nothing funny about that, and the pitching wedge is a bit more lofted than a 9 iron, but not quite as lofted as a sandwedge, thats about that.

A very wise man once told me...don't be so stupid...have a great day all enjoy the sun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The day that was August 14 (I think thats the date today)

For the first 6hrs of 08/14/09 I was working it (I was literally at work), I heard probably one of the best tunes I have ever heard in my life, it gave me goose bumps believe it or sick sense of humour is telling me not to include the song title or group...but its my first ever blog, and if I am to eventually obtain my ultimate goal of having my blog become the most followed blog in history I don't want to start pissing people off the title of the song is "Hero of War" by Rise Against, and if you haven't heard it I would strongly recomend trying to hear it asap, and really listen to the words. So like I said I worked until 6am then came home and slept...actually showered, ate 2 eggo waffles then slept. I finished the skirt around the Gundry family deck when I woke up, and only drilled into one finger while doing so, I am not sure how much blood you need to lose before you pass out, but luckily I didn't loose any where near that much, skift looks great (purpose is to use undernieth deck for storage if anyone cares) Nicole (my wife, for all my new fans) went to catch a movie with her friend Keri (Keri is on vacation, so she has lots of time on her hands) so it was just Jax and I for the night, we played a little tackle football (for real) I dominated the game as usual, but Jax tries hard, then we ate health food for diner, he had grilled cheese and chocolate milk and I had a low fat Big Mac and fries. Jaxon is now in bed either sleeping or crying, I'm down stairs so I don't hear any crying, but there very well could be some...what we don't know...Now for some reason (who the hell knows why) I decided to start a blog, probably because I was the only person in the world without a blog or a cell phone, so at least now I have a blog. I am hitting the links tomorrow AM with my bro in law, I will talk about how far under par I shoot on tomorrows blog. Oh god, I almost forgot the funniest thing happend to me to you all later hahaha, it involved at stuffed buffalo, a balogna sandwich on whole wheat bread and a pitching more on that in the coming days. Ciao folks,