Saturday, August 15, 2009

I miss you already Calloway

Golfed a great round today shot a 86, so thats not any under par, but still my best ever score, thanks alot to Jaret for losing so gracefully. The first hole was a total dogs breakfast, I lost 3 Nike balls, then something amazing happend, I found a Callaway Warbird, what a wonderful friendship Cal and I had, I beat Cal all around the golf course. On the 13th hole Cal and I had a bit of a disagreement, Cal wanted to go swimming, but I did not want Cal to go swimming. Cal took a quick dip in the water, but I scooped him out and we were back on track. Approaching the 14th tee I could tell that Cal was upset, but he did a great job off the tee blocks landing about 280 yards and in the middle of the fairway. Thinking that we had put our differences behind us I quickly walked up to Cal and gave him a good whack, little did I know that this would be the last whack I ever gave Cal. Cal now takes up residence in the creek that runs along the 14th fairway...swimming at last...its all he ever really wanted. I pushed on and played okay, but it wasn't the same without Cal. Callaway Warbird, you will be missed. Now that I got through the emotional stuff here is what the Gundry clan is up to tonight...Nicole and I are heading out to diner club tonight (kind of a secret organization that only a select few are welcome least thats what I thought until the Gundry's got invited, I guess they let just anyone in) should be fun. Other than that I am drinking a couple bud lights, without lime if you can believe it (I refuse to get sucked into the lime hype that is summer 2009) although I will admit it is a damn good breakfast beer for those who like to pound away all day long (bud lite sponsorship still pending). Follow up on yesterdays blog, long story short, it wasn't really a buffalo at all that I saw (that was an impressive beard, even for a middle aged woman, and what a beautiful fur coat, but why in the middle of summer, and where did she get one so large) the balogna sandwich, well thats what I ate for lunch, nothing funny about that, and the pitching wedge is a bit more lofted than a 9 iron, but not quite as lofted as a sandwedge, thats about that.

A very wise man once told me...don't be so stupid...have a great day all enjoy the sun.

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