Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fat Jesus

Nicole and I watched the Hangover last night, it was hilarious, we laughed our butts off. Not big movie watchers, but we sure loved that one, probably going to name our next baby Carlos if its a boy. I give the movie 4.5 fat bearded funny guys out of 5. Jax and I have the next two days off together...very fun, I love having that time with the cranky little bugger.
Saturday night we had a great diner club meeting with good friends, good beer and some pretty questionable cooking. Jaxon spend the afternoon and evening at his Grandmas, and Papa Mac's, he had a blast, he helped cut the front lawn and the back lawn. Sunday the Gundry adults had a coed ball game, the State Farm team (formerly Columbia Sportswear, New Era Graphics, Mill Street Brewery) played very well and beat a team that wore green shirts, I have no idea what their names were, I can't remember. The team tourney is next weekend, should be a great time, for those who don't have to work all weekend, one person who does have to work all weekend is ME so good luck to the team!

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