Thursday, January 7, 2010

happy new year everyone. 2009 was a crazy busy year what with all the blogging etc, hopefully 2010 is much more relaxing. New years was great at the Gundry house, a large boned friend of mine drunkenly stumbled onto our air mattress on the floor and fell on my wife nearly crushing her to death, and worse yet waking me up! This year so far Jaxon has been skating for the first time and toboggining. He was an allstar on skates for the 2 minutes out of the hour that he actually spent on the skates, but seriously he did great. Also Jaxon has finally started pissing near the toilet instead of in his pants...I say near the toilet because he likes to stand to pee, I think the little perve learned it from watching me pee, but anyways he hasn't mastared the art of aiming yet, and he thinks its quite funny when he pees on everything. Yesterday was a good friends 29th birthday, so happy birthday Keri Lyn DJ Smith hopefully your second 29th birthday next year will be just as good as this year. Also I just need to say Pauline Stewart, she will know why. Battery is dying gotta go. Good luck to everyone on their new years resolutions...suckers, I resolved to relax and take it easy in 2010, sorry Nicole.