Friday, August 14, 2009

The day that was August 14 (I think thats the date today)

For the first 6hrs of 08/14/09 I was working it (I was literally at work), I heard probably one of the best tunes I have ever heard in my life, it gave me goose bumps believe it or sick sense of humour is telling me not to include the song title or group...but its my first ever blog, and if I am to eventually obtain my ultimate goal of having my blog become the most followed blog in history I don't want to start pissing people off the title of the song is "Hero of War" by Rise Against, and if you haven't heard it I would strongly recomend trying to hear it asap, and really listen to the words. So like I said I worked until 6am then came home and slept...actually showered, ate 2 eggo waffles then slept. I finished the skirt around the Gundry family deck when I woke up, and only drilled into one finger while doing so, I am not sure how much blood you need to lose before you pass out, but luckily I didn't loose any where near that much, skift looks great (purpose is to use undernieth deck for storage if anyone cares) Nicole (my wife, for all my new fans) went to catch a movie with her friend Keri (Keri is on vacation, so she has lots of time on her hands) so it was just Jax and I for the night, we played a little tackle football (for real) I dominated the game as usual, but Jax tries hard, then we ate health food for diner, he had grilled cheese and chocolate milk and I had a low fat Big Mac and fries. Jaxon is now in bed either sleeping or crying, I'm down stairs so I don't hear any crying, but there very well could be some...what we don't know...Now for some reason (who the hell knows why) I decided to start a blog, probably because I was the only person in the world without a blog or a cell phone, so at least now I have a blog. I am hitting the links tomorrow AM with my bro in law, I will talk about how far under par I shoot on tomorrows blog. Oh god, I almost forgot the funniest thing happend to me to you all later hahaha, it involved at stuffed buffalo, a balogna sandwich on whole wheat bread and a pitching more on that in the coming days. Ciao folks,



  1. Rob is this for realy? Please say it is... I love it, I laughed my a$$ off. Can't to hear the story about the stuffed buffalo.


  2. Don't forget me when your famous! I am the wife of the most famous blogger in history (well soon to be)
    Can't wait to hear about that sandwich...